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I really thing this game is fun but the aiming feels really clunky for how accurate you need to be to hit things, you need to have either someway of making the arrow more obvious to where you are going to hit (like make it longer or more  of a line shape) or have some way of slowing it down to aim better.

but i love what you have got here :)

Thanks for the feedback! I will update the aiming part because i can see that it is a bit hard to get into.

Very satisfying game mechanics. The nuances creating in having to pay attention to multiple game objects created a very satisfying 'hit' and 'quick hits'. Well done.

Fun game, aiming felt a bit too tricky for me, but it was very satisfying when you hit and I really liked the reload mechanic. Could have used a little explanation, as it took me a couple of lives to work out what I was doing.

warning out of theme there are not 2 buttons Z,X and mouse. But very good game bro. ;) very cool pixel art and concept

Thanks a lot :) The mouse input was ment for the touchscreen so i hope i'm still good.

Pretty nice game.

Keep in mind though that even east difficulty is quite hard at the first attempts (which may discourage the player). I was able to get 54 kills on maybe 7-8th attempt.

Also, it seems that the hero shoots ahead of the supposed direction.

Thanks for the feedback :).  I guess i got super good at the game and easy was measured from my experience, since i didn't test it at all with other players. You are right about the crosshair, it is a bit sloppy. Nice score though!